Six-stage phosphating

In recent years Braglia Verniciatura has renovated its pretreatment plant, adding to the existing phosphating system: alkaline washing, two rinses with mains water, one washing cycle with demineralised water and "no rinse" passivation using zirconium salt.

Phosphating is a procedure used for protecting ferrous metals (alloy steel and cast iron).





This treatment is performed to:

  • Improve the corrosion resistance of metals
  • Provide a better anchor for paint, lacquer, enamel etc.
  • Confer greater wear resistance to treated parts

The degreasing and phosphating cycle - which precedes the coating phase - consists of a three stage washing system:

  • hot degreasing at 60°C + first rinse
  • cold phosphating
  • second hot rinse at 60°C.

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