Industrial sanding and grouting

The meticulous care and professionalism with which Braglia has worked for over 40 years in industrial grouting has permitted the Bologna-based company to be able to count prestigious names amongst its clientele, from the most varied fields: dental sector, motorcycle industry, shoe industry, medical equipment, household and business furnishings.

With regards to coatings, products used for the metal treatments are the fruit of in-depth research studies, such as the pretreatment developed for aluminium alloys and die cast pieces that produces an enamel adhesion time in salty fog of up to 600 hours, with 240 hours for magnesium alloys.

As a result, treatments are able to meet the demands of the market for increasingly longer paint adhesion times.

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Metal surface treatment

Apart from their purely aesthetic role, the surface treatments executed by Braglia Verniciatura also serve the important function of protecting the manufactured article. The attention paid to finishes and lacquers is the result of an in-depth study of market trends, particularly in relation to coatings for motorcycles, automobiles and furniture.

Finished products intended for outdoor use, such as steel gates, doors, windows and fixtures are treated with special protective films that create a substrate having an exceptional resistance to weathering.

For a better idea of the meticulous care and skill with which the technical staff of our company work, here below are the various working methods used:

  • sanding
  • iron micro-sandblasting
  • washing with phospho-degreasers
  • rinsing with demineralised water
  • forced-air drying
  • galvanisation by metallisation
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