Verniciatura Braglia has been active in the field of industrial coatings for third-parties for over 40 years now, providing both powder and liquid coatings. Specialised in oven painting, the Bologna-based company uses different colour tables - specifically for use in building work - for its carpentry and bodywork. On request, the company can also carry out grouting, honing, sanding and preparation of materials for specific treatments.


Using last-generation, technologically-advanced systems, this reliable, committed company is able to perform also a phospho-degreasing treatment, operating with the greatest precision and technical skill. This is an in-line washing system that alters the surface of a metallic material to improve its corrosion resistance, and facilitate the adhesion of the next coating applied. It therefore represents a preparative treatment before the painting of steel sheet metal and is universally adopted by the automobile industry.


The team working for this reputed company performs also many other activities, and always with the utmost precision and care. Here follows a list:

  • alkaline washing
  • aluminium nanotechnology-based pretreatment
  • magnesium nanotechnology-based pretreatment
  • motorcycle component coatings
  • metal painting
  • industrial coatings

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