Nanotechnology-based pretreatment

Nanotechnology-based pretreatment is carried out on two types of materials: steel and light alloys. The latter includes magnesium, aluminium and other light alloys.

The commitment and professionalism which Braglia has invested in its industrial coatings activity for more than 40 years has permitted the company from Bologna, today, to count amongst its clientele many prestigious names from the most differing fields, including the: dental sector, motorcycle industry, shoe industry, medical equipment, household and company furniture.

Metal surface treatment

Products used for metal treatments are the result of accurate research studies, such as the pretreatment for aluminium alloy and die cast pieces giving an enamel adhesion time of up to 600 hours in salty fog, with 240 hours for magnesium alloys.

As a result the treatment is able to satisfy the demands of the market for increasingly longer paint adhesion times.

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