Alkaline washing

Company leader in the Bologna area for industrial coatings for building work, Braglia has always considered innovation and investment in advanced technologies of fundamental importance in order to offer always the best services and at competitive prices. Professionalism, reliability and speed have made Braglia the ideal partner able to satisfy, with fast turnarounds, third-party requests for door, window and fixture coatings.


Alkaline washing

The company has gained a reputation particularly for the skill and care with which its highly qualified technicians execute alkaline washing, one of the most important, frequently-used methods for preparing a surface. It is, in fact, a procedure necessary on a periodic basis to maintain the performance of an industrial plant.

Jets of a controlled alkaline solution

Products are bathed by jets of a controlled alkaline solution to remove all residues of oil, grease and other substances and restore full functionality to the plant.

lavaggio alcalino passivazione

La passivazione crea un substrato che permette alla vernice di aderire al pezzo fino ad arrivare a 1500 ore di nebbia salina.

Continual technological modernisation

In the field of coatings for doors and fixtures, the service offers numerous advantages such as perfect colour penetration, more complete cover of surfaces, maximum coating homogeneity and weather resistance.

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