Industrial coating

Sector leader

Verniciatura Braglia is a company at the forefront of its field with over forty years of experience in industrial coatings, specialised in treating large-sized carpentry articles, cars, motorcycles, gates, railings, doors and fixtures. At its facilities situated on the outskirts of Bologna, the company has advanced machinery and technology that allow it to offer a fully comprehensive service, starting from the preparation of rough pieces with grouting and sanding through to final painting.

industrial coating

Techniques adopted

The main techniques for industrial coatings used by the technicians of this reliable, professional company are in-line coatings and pressurised booth treatments, with the application of mono and bi-component enamels and thermosetting powders. Also provided are phospho-degreasing treatments, alkaline washing, grouting and sanding of ferrous and plastic materials.

During the various processing phases, specialised technical experts execute control checks, adhesion tests and the application of adhesive protections on the basis of customer requests.

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